Skylights and Roof Lanterns are becoming an increasingly popular solution among architects and designers for rooms which need an injection of natural light. Whether you are looking to revitalize a dreary, lacklustre room in a period property or to add the wow factor to an otherwise uninteresting, featureless space in a modern building, fitting a skylight is the ideal solution.

A skylight (often referred to as a rooflight or roof lantern) is essentially a roof window. They come in several bespoke designs including slimline contemporary and pyramid style lanterns and fixed flat skylights.
They were first used throughout sixteenth century Europe as an aid to the cultivation of citrus trees. Victorian England saw skylights become commonplace in terraced houses, yet only the affluent in society could afford the luxury of a pitched or domed roof lantern. These were predominantly made using wooden frames but by the onset of the twentieth century the industry gradually moved towards the use of metal frames.

Today, the lightweight aluminium frames are slimline, allowing optimum light in. Multi-glazed, self-cleaning glass ensures heat loss is kept to a minimum thus not only your carbon footprint and energy bills are reduced but your window cleaning bills too!

The benefit of skylights and roof lanterns go far beyond simply saving money and energy. It is a proven fact that exposure to natural light also has real health benefits. Natural light boosts the immune system and enables the body’s production of Vitamin D, necessary to maintain healthy metabolism, bones and muscles.

Skylights are beneficial in many ways. If you’re looking to become more eco-friendly, stay at the forefront of cutting-edge design, add vibrancy to lifeless spaces, or even just to excite your neighbour’s jealousy, a skylight should be your first consideration.

Our range of bespoke skylights offer all these benefits and more, and are covered by our comprehensive 10 year guarantee and our insulated glass units are backed by our 20 year unit seal warranty.