Below are just a selection of questions we regularly get asked.

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What are the sizes quoted on your website?

All sizes are INTERNAL HOLE SIZE, please download the individual product details to see any technical information.

Do the fixed flat Skylights need to be fitted with a fall to make rain water run off?

Yes, you should consult your contractor to ensure the correct angle is set on the kerb to create the desired run off, if the roof has a slope greater than 5 degrees then you can fix it down flat.

Is the glass low maintenance?

Yes, the Reflex glass used in the Skylight construction has a special coating on the outside to reduce cleaning and protect the glass, the greater the fall on the flat Skylights the better the self clean performance.

What is the guarantee of the Skylights?

The general product guarantee is 10 years from date of purchase with a 20 year unit seal warranty.

Does the glass block the harmful UV rays of the sun?

Yes, up to 99% of damaging UV radiation is blocked with the Reflex solar control glass option, helping to protecting furniture and floors.

What is the U value on your triple glazed fixed flat Skylights?

The U-value is 0.5 W/m2k which is the best achievable for a triple glazed unit without moving to quad glazed units making it very energy saving to prevent heat loss during cold winters and nights. Heat loss is cut by up to 80% compared to standard double glazing.

Does the triple glazed flat Skylight reduce noise from rain?

Yes, the noise from rain on the glass cannot be heard with the triple glazed flat roof lights, the noise from traffic etc will also be reduced by up to 70% compared to a standard double glazed unit due to the flexible super spacer bar used within the glass units.

How dark is the blue tint glass option?

The blue tint appears darker from the outside looking in, but from the inside looking out it gently lifts the feel of the day and reduces glare from direct sunlight.

My roof does not have any direct sunlight on it and I want to maximise the light, which glass options should I choose?

Choose our clear glass because the blue and the bronze tint both reduce the light slightly to help control glare but with the clear you will maximise the light.

How quick can I take delivery if I order today?

Delivery is approximately 7-10 working days depending on ex-stock popular sizes or bespoke size products purchased. We also deliver direct to your site using our own vans and not couriers.

Can I walk on the fixed flat glass Skylights?

No, but there is a special ‘walk on’ option available to order specifically designed using 21.5mm thick resin/laminated toughened glass if this is a requirement.

How is my Skylight(s) delivered? and will help be required to unload?

Your Skylight(s) will be delivered using our dedicated vans, it is a kerbside delivery only and there will need to be extra hands on site to help unload the Skylight(s). We will confirm at time of delivery notification, the weight of the Skylight and how many people will be needed to help unload the Skylight.

Can I collect the Skylights from your factory any faster?

A: Yes we can arrange this and it usually gains 2-3 days, please tell us when you order if you want to do this.